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Nandi is a favorite of Siva, as he is Siva's vehicle. 

During the churning of the ocean when poison (halahala) came out everybody ran away except Lord Siva, followed by Nandi, came forward to help as He was the only one who could counteract this deadly poison. Shiva took the poison into his hand and drank it, the descent of the poison was in turn stopped at His throat, by His divine consort. Shiva is therefore also known as Nilakantha (the blue-throated one). Nandi saw some of the poison spill out of Siva's mouth and immediately drank it off the ground. The devas and asuras watching were shocked and wondered aloud what would happen to Nandi. Lord Siva calmed their fears saying, "Nandi has surrendered into me so completely that he has all my powers and my protection".

Nandi represents strength, faith, and constancy in belief. Images of Nandi often sit directly outside a shrine to Shiva, facing the deity. Often an image of Nandi, the sacred bull on which Shiva rides, faces the linga. Nandi signifies single-minded devotion and the peaceful strength of faith. Nandi is the protector and guard of all Shiva Temples. Nandhi Devar share several characteristics like Lord Shiva, hence the title of Eashwarar has been bestowed on him. Dharma or Righteousness is personified as cow and with maleness added, Nandhi is the official guard of Lord Shiva. 

Snow crystal is called Sphatik or Crystal and it is a transparent, lustrous and smooth stone. Sphatik is used as a substitute of diamond to appease the planet Venus.

As per Ramayana "Lord Rama and Lord Laxman sat on a crystal rock". Sphatik carries the properties of prosperity, happiness and brings harmony to the house where it is worshipped. Crystal helps in gaining a better understanding of our instinctual powers.  Sphatik idols are considered highly auspicious for pooja purpose. Sphatik idols remove any negative energies in the area, it is kept.

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Nandi In Crystal

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