• Vaastu Murti In Asth Dhatu

Vaastu murti is depicted as lying on it with the head in the North-East and the legs in the South-West but he keeps changing his position throughout the year.

The Vastu murti lies with his back up. The concept may be that the burden is carried on the back. It is a rule that pillars are not to be raised on the sensitive points of Vastu murti. The sensitive points according to the science of physics are inlets and outlets.    

It is presumed that the Vastu murti would suffocate if inlets and outlets are blocked with pillars. The sensitive points exist also on the folds of the arms and legs. Pillars, if erected on those points, would not find enough base and support. Therefore, those points are to be avoided for pillars.
Ancient texts mention that the construction on the earth will only be successful when the Vastu murti will be worshipped and respected. Keeping the Vaastu murti at prominent location of home, wards off all evils, negativities and rectifies Vastu faults He should be placed in the South west corner of house/room facing North east direction.

Design: Made in heavy shining brass.
Height: 3.5 inchs 
Length: 1 inch
Width: 1 inch
Weight: 120 gms




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Vaastu Murti In Asth Dhatu

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