• Gopi Chandan Tilak Stick

Gopi Chandan Tilaka has been traditionally interpreted as a good luck charm.the tilak has a cooling effect on the forehead and this can assist in concentration and meditation. A dot between the eyebrows symbolizes the third eye of Lord Shiva.

Among Vaishnavites (followers of Vishnu), the many tilak variations usually include two or more vertical lines resembling the letter U, which symbolizes the foot of Vishnu. There is sometimes a central line or dot. Most Vaishanative tilaks are made of sandalwood paste (Chandan).

The Tilaka is normally a vermilion mark applied on the forehead. This mark has a religious significance and is a visible sign of a person as belonging to a particular religious faith. 

How to Apply Tilak
Put a little water in the palm of your left hand and mix it with a piece oftilak clay until you get a smooth paste. or you can keep a small container with tilak soaked in water until it is a creamy paste. Take some gopi-chandan with the ring finger of your right hand and mark your forehead with a vertical line from the root of your nose to your hairline.

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Gopi Chandan Tilak Stick

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