• Kapus Vastra

Kapus Vastra (or Kapas Vastra) means cotton cloth.

It is a series of small round cotton beads attached to each other to form a long chain. Kumkum and haldi are applied alternatively on the joints that attaches the cotton beads. The chain is disjoint at both the ends.

Usage and Applications of Kapus Vastra:

Devotees offer Kapus Vastra (or Kapas Vastra) to deities during pooja and worship. This is one of the steps in formal worship where the devotee offers a piece of cloth saying, 'Vastram Samarpayami'. Offering Kapus Vastra symbolizes offering of garments or clothing to the deities. Devotees hang the Kapus Vastra taking support of two top edges of the photo frame, or put around the neck of the idol or statue of worship, similar to tying a garland, or put it at it's feet while offering it to the deity.


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Kapus Vastra

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