Anna means Food (grain) and Purna means filled completely in shining brass. 

Annapurna is none other than the Divine Feminine or Mother Nature who is in charge of creation and sustenance. According to Shaivite Puranas She is none other than Goddess Parvati, who is the beloved consort of Lord Shiva. Thus she can be compared to a granary which is full and remains always full. 

* She is empowered to supply food to an unlimited number of people.
* Without her, no male, even the most powerful and spiritual person, like Lord Shiva, can survive.
* She is a form of Goddess Durga Who is specially worshipped on the fourth day of Durga Navaratri. 
* According to Chandogya Upanishad ‘food is indeed Brahman’. 

Design: Made in heavy shining brass.
Dimensions: 2 inches (H) x 1 inches (W) x 1.5 inches (L)
Weight: 150 gms

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Annapurna Devi Idol In Brass

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