Gajalakshmi Statue in Brass is bestower and protector of wealth, prosperity, grace, abundance.

Gajalakshmi, that is Lakshmi with elephants, is one of the most significant Ashtalakshmi aspects of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi. In this aspect, the goddess is depicted seated on a lotus, flanked on both side by an elephant (gaja). She is shown as seated in Padmasana yogic posture, and has four arms. In each of her upper pair of arms, she carries a lotus, and the lower hands are generally shown in abhya and varadamudra. The elephants flanking her are shown as pouring water from their trunk over the goddess. 

Design: Made in heavy shining brass.
Height: 5 inches
Width: 2.25 inches
Length: 8 inches 

Weight: 1 kg

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Gajalakshmi Statue in Brass

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