• Astrology For Beginners

1. The essentials explained; 2. Casting the horoscope; 3. Hints on judgment; 4. Longevity & death; 5. Personal appearance, character & mind, health & disease; 6. Education & financial prospects; 7. Means of livelihood; 8. Parents, brothers, enemies & debts; 9. Marriage & children; 10. Timing events; 11. Horary or answering questions; 12. Transits or gochara. Appendices: I. Ayanamsa determination. 2. Determination of ascendant & longitudes of bhavas. 

Comments: One of the first books taken up by students world over who want to learn Vedic Astrology, it is simple in language and not too technical for a western astrologer to understand. 

Author: Dr B.V.Raman
Language: English
Formate: Paper Back

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Astrology For Beginners

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