• Betelnut / Supari

The Betel nut/Supari traditionally represented as the Nine planets is an integral part Navgraha Pooja.it takes the form of Deities like Brahma, Surya and others during different Poojas. 

 It is also popularly used in the age old-custom of Indian eating. The supari is symbolic of the nut of the ego that must be offered on the altar of God. It represents the hard, coarse qualities that must be surrendered to God, leaving only the soft, pure qualities. 

Supari is believed to carry magical properties. it is placed under the pillow at night so that the sleeping person can see his future in dreams.
Betel nuts are believed to increase prosperity and they are tied to the pandal, the grinder, the pounding stone, large utensils and the bridegroom's clothes.

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Betelnut / Supari

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