• Muhurta (Auspicious Time)

Muhurta is the selection of an auspicious date and time for performing a work. It helps in concentrating the energy of the planets and other astrological factors in an auspicious way so as to nullify the evil influences and make the result of the work performed most fruitful. It helps in counteracting the obstructions provided by the birth chart of a person and to neutralize or overcome the loss mentioned therein.

Significance of Muhurta: It is a natural desire of every one that any events or occasion in our life should be trouble free. Any unwanted, unpleasant or sorrowful incident should not take place during these important events or occasions. If these events or occasions are started on a shubha muhurta (auspicious time), these events are completed peacefully. Read more

When is Muhurta required:

  • Marriage, Thread Ceremony, Jawal (Mundan), Annaprashan, Naming ceremony, Baby Shower.
  • Pooja Vidhi, Religious Functions.
  • Buying a new house, land, other property, vehicle.
  • Starting a new business, signing work contracts, partnership deeds.
  • Starting any auspicious work.

PoojaShopOnline.Com priests will find out the most auspicious time to perform your work. Please mention your full name, date of birth and purpose for Muhurta at checkout. 

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Muhurta (Auspicious Time)

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