• Narayan Bali Recitation

Narayan Bali Pooja performed, one can satisfy the unfulfilled worldly desires of the deceased souls, which could be bothering the progeny or relatives.By having the Narayan Nagbali Poojan performed, one can get rid of problems of Bhoot Pishaach Badha, not getting success in business, health problems or lack of peace within the family, hindrances in marriage, etc.
The Narayan Bali rite is performed in all cases of abnormal death, defined as follows; death by fasting, by animals, by arson, by a curse, by cholera or any disease, suicide, fall from a mountain, tree or any height, drowning, death by muggers or robbers, by snake bite, struck by lightning, murder.

Pooja service includes: Pind worship starts from 4th day till 11th day, the place where the Pooja is to be performed is covered with cow dung, Mandaap creation, bathing the deceased with gomutra, holy water, kriyas, 360 Pind poojan in sixteen ways, Gayatri mantra japa, Gopal saharsa, Vishnu sahsrannam, Vishnu mantra japa, Narayan Bali recitation from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM IST, feeding of cow/dog, 108 Pitra-Tarpan, 11 tarpans of last 3 ancestors, 51 Dev tarpan, 51 Rishi Tarpan, donation to Brahmins, Cow donation (Gau daan) on 12th day.
Number of priests: 5

PoojaShopOnline.Com priests will perform katha as per vedic rituals. The photos will be sent to you through courier. Please mention the Full Name of the deceased, date of death, Gotra (if you know), name of the last 3 ancestors (if you know), and email us the photo of the deceased. 

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Narayan Bali Recitation

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