• Shani Shingnapur Prasadam, Maharashtra

Shani Shingnapur Prasadam is considered “karma-free” food since it is sanctified by the Lord. Prasadam is prepared and offered to satisfy the Lord and not to satisfy our senses. We purify ourselves by remembering that the Lord supplies us everything and that we should aim to please Him instead of ourselves. In preparing and eating prasadam, we thank the Lord for everything He has done for us and we pray that we will always remember Him.

Prasadam should be distributed to as many people as possible. This sanctified food ignites a spiritual spark in the soul which will eventually reawakens one’s dormant love for the Lord. Vedic literature references many historical incidents where people have had the good fortune of partaking of prasadam, sometimes even by accident, and have had their lives made perfect as a result. It is believed that anyone who regularly partakes of it, will at the very least return as a human being in their next life.

Shani Shingnapur is not like other pilgrimage centers, as it offers the devotees an opportunity to perform Pooja or Abhishek or other religious rituals themselves. This specific trait often draws a good number of devotees here. Being famous for Shani Dev, it catches the attention of a infinite devotee, seeking the blessings of Shani God. 

The spectacle of the deity in black stone is overwhelming. A unique aspect of this place is, that no temple structure houses the Shanidev. According to legend about 156 years ago, the Shani idol came flowing along with the flood waters and was later installed by the villagers after hearing a divine voice. The residents of this village have never installed doors to their houses & shops. Nor do they have a fettish for keeping things locked as the residents live with the singular belief that Lord Shaneshwar (Saturn) protects them from thieves and other ills. 

Location: Shani Shingnapur, Maharashtra 
Dedicated to: Lord Shani 
Contains: Dry Prasadam, Vibhuti along with a photo of the temple/Idol will be sent. 

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Shani Shingnapur Prasadam, Maharashtra

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