• Gayatri Mantra Japa

Gayatri mantra japa helps to attain spiritual power & peace of mind. It blesses with intelligence, wisdom and righteous living. Gayatri mantra japa is one of the most chanted and most scared of the Hindu Mantras. It is the mantra for illumination of the mind and to take one to the right path. 

The Gayatri mantra, the most mighty of the Vedic mantras, is a prayer to the Sun god to alleviate one from all human sins, physical dissipation and to bestow knowledge, health and longevity.Gayatri Japa serves as a preliminary rite for self purification, bestows on individuals Atma Shakti and protects them from the malefic effects of sins and expiation.

Meaning of Gayatri Mantra: 
Om - the primeval sound 
Bhur – the physical world, this earth 
Bhuva – the mental world 
Svaha – the spiritual world 
Thath – That (the Paramatma) 
Savitur – The Sun, Creator 
Varenyam – the most adorable, highest 
Bhargo – Luster, Effulgence, tejas 
Devasya - Supreme Lord 
Dhimahi – we meditae upon 
Dhiyo – intellect, understanding 
Yo – who 
Naha – our 
Prachodhayat – enlightens, guides

Mantras are a unique combination of words that produce certain sound vibrations both in your body and the environment around you when chanted. A positive result or feeling occurs when the mantra vibrations resonate with your own vibrations. This in turn attracts more of what you are focusing upon and helps to manifest it in your reality.

Japa service includes: Ganpathi Smaran, Shaanti paath, Invocation of all deities, Gayatri Abhishek, Gayatri mantra chanting, daily Brahmin bhojan.

PoojaShopOnline.Com priests will perform japa as per vedic rituals based on birth details. The Pooja prasad, Gayatri idol and photos will be sent to you through courier. Please mention your birth details (name, date, time, place) at checkout. This is a individual Pooja (you may do pooja on individual name or include your near and dear ones in the pooja). You will be provided with the contact no. of the priest, to call during the sankalpa/yagna.

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Gayatri Mantra Japa

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