A number of deities are depicted with Chhattra, and they include Revanta, Surya, and Vishnu (in his Vamana avatar). The Chhatra is cordoned amongst the symbols that approach universality within the numerous octavalent suites or sets of Ashtamangala. The chhatra is uniformly represented as the Sahasrara.  In Vajrayana Buddhism, the umbrella or parasol is included in the 'Eight Auspicious Signs' or Ashtamangala.

They are hung above deity idols or altar or bank lockers. They are also hung above any place where wealth is kept, as these are considered to have powers to multiply wealth and prosperity.

Make: Oxidised metal with gold polish.
Dimensions: 3 inches (H) x 6 inches  (L) x 6 inches diameter
Weight: 280 gms


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Chhattra For Throne

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