• The Palm: A Health Expertise

Chapter 1: Basic Palm reading Tips
Color of the palm, psycho analysis of the palm, the pal proper, skin consistency and hand size, fingers, 

thumb, nail, size, signs, mounts and lines
Chapter 2: Applications of time measurement (Dating Events)
Reading the time and dating events with the help of lines and fingers
Chapter 3: Health Hand
Indication of good and robust health on the palm, nails, fingers, thumb, mounts and lines
Chapter 4: Unhealthy Hand
Indication of weak health on the palm, nails, fingers, thumb, mounts and lines
Chapter 5: Psychological Health Analysis
Pyscho analysis of the palm indicating health symptoms, psychological analysis of the sub conscious and 

conscious mind
Chapter 6: Mounts and Health Symptoms
Medical factors governed by all the mounts and health symptoms on all the mounts
Chapter 7: Lines and Health Indications
Lines mainly life line, head line, heart line, mercury line etc indicating health symptoms and their impact on the body

Chapter 8: Classifications of Diseases
Classification of diseases based on the study of the palm, the mounts and the lines

Chapter 9: Day to Day health Problems
Combinations of good and robust health, delicate and weak constitution, and day and to day health 

Chapter 10: Blood Disorders and Heart Problems
Blood disorders and their impact on the body, heart problems '“ minor and major
Chapter 11: Mental Health and Imbalances
Mental imbalances and sufferings, suicidal tendencies, nervous system disorders
Chapter 12: Stomach Problems
Digestive disorders, liver troubles, stomach ache etc
Chapter 13: Breathing Problems
Chest and lung troubles, respiratory problems etc
Chapter 14: Dangers and Longevity
Accidents and dangers, longevity and type of death
Chapter 15: Remedial Measures
Remedies in the form of daan, gem recommendation, mantras and positive affirmations

Author: Rima Arora
Language: English
Format:Paper Back

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The Palm: A Health Expertise

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