• Palmistry: Boost Your Relationship

Rima Arora,MBA, Jotish Acharya, is a leading Palmist and astrologer who is deply engrossed and 

enraptured in the study of Palmistry. Sheis a Palm reading expert who is also teaching Palmistry at Krishna Astro Vision, Vikas Puri, DelhiShe is the author of various books on Palmistry and articles in magazines alsoPalmistry Boost Your RelationshipBy Rima Arora

Table of Contents (Pages 162)
Chapter 1: Basic Palm Reading Tips
Color of the palm, psycho analysis of the palm, the pal proper, skin consistency and hand size, fingers,thumb, nail, size, signs, mounts and lines

Chapter 2: Applications of time measurement (Dating Events)
Reading the time and dating events with the help of lines and fingers

Chapter 3: Advanced Predictive Tips
The hand as a whole type, type of hand, texture and skin consistency, thumb, fingers and nails, marking on the hand, mounts and lines

Chapter 4: Love and Emotions
Personal love- love for father, mother, children, partner, indications for infatuation or true love, love for materialistic world pets, profession, public life, solitude, revolution, spiritual love, ideal love

Chapter 5: Love Affairs
Indications, more than one affair, scandalous affair, extra marital relations, different love conditions

Chapter 6 : Love Affairs '“ Good Or BadSuccess in love affairs, failure in love affairs

Chapter 7: Marriage: Love ? Or Arranged ?
Indications of Love marriage, love marriage without consent of parents, love marriage and pre marital 

sex, contract marriage, arranged marriage, marriage between known relatives

Chapter 8: Marriage Compatibility
Right choice of partner, professional and financial stability, harmonous sexual compatibility, ability to produce children, no combination of divorce, good health, longevity

Chapter 9: Timing of Marriage
Significators supporting timing of marriage, obstructions in getting married, age of marriage

Chapter 10: Married Life: Happy or Unhappy
Happy Married life, prosperity after marriage, family adjustment and happiness, unhappy married life, clashes in marriage, family troubles, divorce

Chapter 11: Widowhood/Widowerhood
Loss of partner, loss due to accident, loss due to illness, misfortune due to death of partner

Chapter 12: Children
Child indications, childlessness, child bearing difficulties, healthy or weak children, child upbringing

Chapter 13: Relationships
Relationship with father, mother, siblings, friends, children, healthy relationships

Chapter 14: Ideal Love (Spiritual Love)
Boundless love, spiritual life, occultism, priesthood

Chapter 15: Remedial Measures
Remedies in the form of daan, gem recommendation, mantras and positive affirmations

Author: Rima Arora
Language: English
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Palmistry: Boost Your Relationship

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