• Palmistry: A Guide To A Meaningful Life

Rima Arora,MBA, Jotish Acharya, is a leading Palmist and astrologer who is deply engrossed and enraptured in the study of Palmistry. Sheis a Palm reading expert who is also teaching Palmistry at Krishna Astro Vision, Vikas Puri, DelhiShe is the author of various books on Palmistry and articles in magazines alsoNumber Of Pages: 286

Table of Contents

Section 1 (Basic Analysis)
Chapter 1: Significance
Chapter 2: The Hand In itself
Chapter 3: The Fingers, Thumb and Nails
Chapter 4: Signs on the Hand
Chapter 5: The Mounts
Chapter 6: The Lines- An Overview
Chapter 7: The Line of Life
Chapter 8: The Line of Health
Chapter 9: The Line of Heart
Chapter 10: The Line of Fate and Sun
Chapter 11: The Line of Health
Chapter 12: The Line of Marriage
Chapter 13: The Line of Children
Chapter 14: Time Measurement
Section 2 (Predictive Analysis)
Chapter 15: Nature and Personality
Chapter 16: Health Analysis
Chapter 17: Marriage and Children
Chapter 18: Relationships
Chapter 19: Education
Chapter 20: Profession
Chapter 21: Property and Vehicles
Chapter 22: Travel
Chapter 23: Mental Aberrations and Suicidal
Chapter 24: Criminal Tendencies
Chapter 25: Litigation and Imprisonment
Chapter 26: Dangers and Longevity
Chapter 27: Remedies

Author: Rima Arora
Language: English
Format:Paper Back 

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Palmistry: A Guide To A Meaningful Life

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