• Palmistry Profession And Wealth

Chapter 1: Basic Palm reading Tips
Color of the palm, psycho analysis of the palm, the pal proper, skin consistency and hand size, fingers, thumb, nail, size, signs, mounts and linesChapter

2: Applications of time measurement (Dating Events)Reading the time and dating events with the help of lines and fingers

Chapter 3: Advanced Predictive Tips
The hand as a whole type, type of hand, texture and skin consistency, thumb, fingers and nails, marking on the hand, mounts and lines

Chapter 4: Education '“ A Base for Profession
Combinations for education, good education, types of education, chances of education, chances of foreign education, and fields of education related to professions

Chapter 5: Mounts '“ The Determinants of Profession
Mounts of Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Mercury, Mars, Moons and Venus in context of profession

Chapter 6: The Line of Fate '“ Fulfilling Ambitions
Reading the fate line, quality of the fate line, absence of the fate line, deciding the persons career, career satisfaction, obstacles in career, overcoming obstacles

Chapter 7: The Line of Sun '“ A Ladder To Name, Fame
Reading the Sun line, quality of the sun line, absences of the sun line, recognizing the name and fame of a person, securing recognition, rewards and honor, obstacles in getting name and fame, overcoming obstacles

Chapter 8: Profession - Success?  Failure ?
Strong career, successful achievements, hard career, obstacles in career, career abroad

Chapter 9: Fortune and Wealth
Good fortune, prosperity, riches and wealth, mode of richness, financial crisis and loss, bankruptcy

Chapter 10: Service or Self Employment
Combinations for service, success in service, failure in service, combinations for business/self employment, success in business, failure in business

Chapter 11: Talents and Career
A strong career with artistic ability, writing ability, acting ability, musical ability, dancing ability, designing ability.

Chapter 12: Important Careers of Today
Chartered Accountant, Doctor, Engineer, Computer Profession, judge/Lawyer, astrologer/palmist, Bank officer, teacher, Bureaucrat, Business Administrator, Journalist, Fashion Technologist, Hotel Manager, Armed Forces official

Chapter 13: Remedial Measures
Gem Recommendation, Mantra Japa, Planetary Donations, Positive Affirmations for Health, wealth and prosperity

Author: Rima Arora
Language: English
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Palmistry Profession And Wealth

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