• Palmistry How To Master It

Palmistry how to master it? Deals with some tested formulae from Indian and Western palmistry and only 

those have been included which the Author himself has tested.Part 1 includes the basic elements of Palmistry so as to provide a gounding for those who want to understand this branch of Science. Part 2 includes, in proper sequence, tested formulae for reading the lines of the hand. In Part 3 remedies for dealing with the various faults of the lines have been given suggesting remedial action to deal with defective lines and mounts of the hand. In Part 4 are given some handprints of the clients with interpretations so that a sort of exercise is undertaken about how the knowledge gained from the first three parts can be applied to actual cases.It is hoped that the reader's curiosity about the mysteries of the hand would be satisfied from this work and those who want to take up palmistry as a profession would be able to gain not only wealth, but also fame.

About the Author
Prof. Dayanand is the Chief Instructor in the Institute of Palmistry. Having an experience of the subject extending over 30 years, Prof. Dayanand has explored the subject and made new discoveries, which have been tested and found correct.Many of his books on psychology and on spiritual subjects have been published. Because of his deep knowledge of metaphyiscs and Yoga he was honoured with the YOGA RATNA by the World Conference on Yoga held in 1986. This is a swqual to his earlier work on Palmistry ALL THE SECRETS OF PALMISTRY has been published under this series.

Part I - Recap
1. An inroduction to the hand
2. The hand - some other features
3. Lines on the palm - An introduction
4. Signs on the palm
5. Lines as indicators of li9fe expectancy and important events in life
Part-2 Reading the signs on the palm in response to specific queries
6. Questions relating to wealth, property, business, profession and employment
7. Answers to question relating to love, marriage, divorce and other marital problems
8. Answers to question regarding children and family
9. Signs indicating health, disease and longevity
10. Some more important queries and how to answer them from the hand signs
Part-3 Remedies to remove III - effects of Inauspicious Signs
11. The remedies are scientific
12. Some yogic remedies
13. Gems and metals to deal with the malefic
14. Remedies like prayers and rituals
Part 4 - Some hand prints; their study and interpretation
15. Hand reading with 20 casse studies
16. Hand lines are subject to change

Author: Prof Dayanand
Language: English
Format:Paper Back 

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Palmistry How To Master It

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