• How To Read Hand On Scientific Basis

Chapter 1: Map Of Hand
Chapter 2: Responsibility of the Palmist
Chapter 3: Preliminary Arrangements '“ Rules for Reading Hands
Chapter 4: How to Take Handprints 
Chapter 5: Cheirognomy and Cheiromancy
Chapter 6: Scientific Examination of Hand
Chapter 7: Salient Features of the Human Hand
Chapter 8: Other Important Aspects of Hand
Chapter 9: Classification of Hands
Chapter 10: Hand as a Whole
Chapter 11:  Significance of Fingers
Chapter 12: Finger Tips
Chapter 13: Individual Fingers
Chapter 14: Types of Fingers
Chapter 15: Significance of Nails
Chapter 16: Message of Thumb
Chapter 17: Plain of Mars
Chapter 18: Mounts on Hands
Chapter 19: Mounts of Jupiter and Saturn
Chapter 20: Mount of Apollo and Mount of Mercury
Chapter 21: Mount of Mars, Moon, Venus, Uranus & Neptune
Chapter 22: Lines of Hand and their Reading
Chapter 23: Line of Life, - Barometer of Vital Forces in a person
Chapter 24: Line of Head- Steering Wheel of Life
Chapter 25: Line of Heart- A key to understanding the higher principles of life
Chapter 26: Three Other Main Lines
Chapter 27: Line of Sun (Apollo)
Chapter 28: Line of Mercury
Chapter 29: Secondary Lines of Hand (Line of Mars, Girdle of Venus Via- Lasciva)
Chapter 30: Secondary Lines of Hand (Line of Intuition, Line of Travel, Rascettes)
Chapter 31: Secondary Lines of Hand (Line of Affection '“ Marriage, Line of Children)
Chapter 32: Rings of Solomon and Saturn
Chapter 33: Hand Analysis through Science of Cheirosophy
Chapter 34: Practical Hand Reading
Chapter 35: Some famous and important hands

Author: Dr. D.D.Panse
Language: English
Format:Paper Back



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How To Read Hand On Scientific Basis

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