Palmistry has occupied some of the most profound minds of the past. The Chaldeans, the Assyrians and Egyptians were devotees of the art. Ancient Chinese civilizations thought that hidden meanings and occult signs could be read in the lines of the hand. Athenian philosophers have left treatises on palmistry, both Plato and Aristotle having written on the subject. Roman emperors were among its practitioners, and from ancient times to this day statesmen, kings, princes and adventurers have, before important ventures tested their luck by asking the aid of palmists. Unfortunately the mystic and occult powers assigned to palmists almost from the beginning of time prevented study of the hands from developing into an exact science. I have tried in this book to approach the subject from an entirely pragmatic point of view. I have wanted to strip hand analysis of all its false trappings of mysticism. If this point of view is applied to the reading of hands, it seems that all the superstition and occultism of ancient palmistry can be discarded. There is then left a study which can be of great value to all sciences dealing with the study of man. Hand analysis should become a part, perhaps a very important part of the new composite study, psychobiology.

Author: Josef Ranald
Language: English
Format:Paper Back 

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How To Know People By Their Hands (Classic Reprint)

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