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almistry Quick & Easy the ancient art and science of palmistry the original and still the most accurate form of psychoanalysisis not a quick study. The science of palmistry consists of being able to recognize and name the various lines, mounts, and signs. This exercises the left-hand side of the brain, the linear self. The art of palmistry consists of the interpretation of these same physical signs and how they complement each other, and this engages the right-hand side of the brain, the lateral self. To develop skill in palmistry, need both the scientific perspective of empirical observation as well as the intuitive and artistic abilities to weave the signs into an accurate reading. The Notes contain essential information that supplement and enhance the Workshop. There is a formidable mass of detail to be absorbed however, a careful reading of the Notes, combined with use of the Workshop, remove most of the difficulties usually associated with the study of palmistry.

About the Author
Peter Hazel began reading palms in a Gypsy tea room in Townsville, far North Queensland, Australia. A professional palm reader, he has taught medical palmistry at the South Australian College of Botanic Medicine and Natural Therapies, and palmistry at the Adelaide College of Botanical Medicine. Palaeontology, cartomancy, and watercolor painting are among his other interests. This book is the basic text for his course. Other books by Peter Hazel include The Compleat Dice Oracles (Handmade Books Adelaide, 2001) The Gypsy Dice Oracle (Handmade Books Adelaide, 1994) and Consulting the Coins, A New Interpretation of the Ching (Lothian Books, 1990).

Author: Peter Hazel
Language: English
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Palmistry Quick & Easy

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