Siva means, graciousness; auspiciousness; Mangalam. He is all graciousness, ever auspicious, Sarva Mangalam. That is the reason why the epithet, Sri,which indicates these qualities,is not added to the name Siva, Sankara, lsvara etc. It is added to the number of Avatars, for they have taken on perishable bodies for a specific purpose. They have to be distinguished from other humans, by the epithet,Siva is eternally gracious, auspicious, mangala and so the epithet is superfluous.Siva is adored as the teacher of teachers, Dakshinamurti.The form of Siva is itself a great lesson in tolerance and forbearance.

Hessonite gemstone is useful to those who want to get success in law practice, court affairs government service, political spheres, gambling or any unsocial, illegal activities. it possesses the right properties to successfully improve strained relationship and relieve mental tension. It also assists in overcoming all types of obstacles in the personal and professional life. It leads to success in all phases of life and subjugate enemies.

Height: 32 mm / 1.25 inches
Base Length: 22 mm / 0.80 inch
Weight: 110 carats / 22 grams

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Face Of Shiva In Gomedh / Hessonite - 110 Carat

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