• Healing Hands (Science Of Yoga Mudras)

This book deal with Mudras, the science of gestures. Hands can heal - literally ! There is a miraculous power hidden in our hands that can heal seemingly incurable disease. Behind the bones and flesh lies our imperishable energy body. And Mudras are the key to manipulate it. There is a tremendous flow of energy through our fingers. The practice of mudras set up in the body powerful, subtle elemental currents rapidly correcting anomalies where other systems have failed _ _ _ _ _ from this book. The book gives remedial mudra therapy for diseases like.

· B.P. & Cardiac problems
· Cervical & Spondylitis
· Arthritis
· Migraine
· Hormonal dysfunction (Thyriod)
· Sleep disorders
· Depression
· Vision problems
· Memory dysfunction
· Hair problems

Author: Sad Guru Dev Acharya Kesav
Language: English
Format:Paper Back 

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Healing Hands (Science Of Yoga Mudras)

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