The Sacred Narmada River is one of the Sapta Gangas - Seven Holy Rivers of India. The Dark brown with grey colour Bana Lingas are Swayambhu Shiva Lingas that have taken shape in the Sacred Narmada River, in the Central Western part of India. This is why the Bana Lingams are also known as the Narmada Banalingas or Narmadeshwar Shiva Lingas.

The Narmadeshwar Shiva Linga works with the breath and the fluids of the body creating a harmony in the body’s flow. The Narmada Bana Linga helps one to unite the lower self (conscious) with the higher self (unconscious) so that we may know our own divinity as we seek to know God. It brings believers into the mystical union with God. It heals and helps opening the chakras to resolve issues. It helps with activating the kundalini energy and the seven chakras. It awakens the energy centers and brings feelings of peace and wellbeing. It enhances personal or group meditations for clearer flow of energies. It balances and brings harmony to it’s surrounding environment, after cleansing the prevailing negative energies.

The Legends identify it with “Reva” of epic celebrity, which is described as the “sweat” flowing out of Lord Shiva’s own body when he performed his Cosmic Dance “Thandhava” and therefore considered as holiest of rivers. It’s waters are of such purifying quality that the polluted River Ganges makes an yearly visit to the Narmada in the form of a black cow or a dark woman for a purifying dip in the Sacred Narmada River, to cleanse her collected sins ! On the river bank of the Narmada is the Omkareshwar, the most famous among the twelve Jyothirlingas.

Height: 5 inches
Center Diameter:  2.5 inches
Weight:  900 gms

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Narmadeshwar Shivlinga 5 Inches

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