• Ayurvedic Tongue Diagnosis

Ayurvedic Tongue Diagnosis, The highly valued diagnostic technique that has been used for centuries by cultures around the world * A reliable diagnostic tool for monitoring the overall state of health * Easy to learn, effective and accurate * Determines a person's unique constitution * Detects imbalances and potential diseases in the early stages * Reveals the underlying cause, stage and progression of a disease * Reflects the quality of Prana, blood, bodily fluids, and essence * Examines the expression of the Five elements in each organ * Determines the state of physical, mental and emotional health * Mirrors the functioning of the organs, strength and depth of pathogenic factors * Provides immediate access to the body's pH balance, energy levels and health of the digestive system."It is one of the best books ever written on the relationship of Ayurvedic medicine to modern Nutrition. I honor Walter Kacera for the excellent work he has done in this book and I strongly recommend this book for both lay people and trained healers as a way to increase their depth of understanding and knowledge. This Ayurvedic Principles as they are applied to the use of high vitality foods." - Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D. (H), Diplomate in Ayurveda, Author of Spiritual Nutrition and 

Conscious Eating."Ayurvedic Tongue Diagnosis is the first book on Ayurveda published in the west that focuses on this vital subject presenting a broad view of the entire system of Ayurveda, including its relationship with Chinese Medicine and western nutritional and herbal approaches. We look forward to future books by the author, who displays both deep knowledge and original insight in his approach to Ayurveda and to healing as a whole." - Dr. David Frawley (Pandit Vamadev Shastri), Author of Yoga and Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Healing.In addition to offering a comprehensive understandingoftheartoftonguediagnosis,this book includes ancient and modern healing practicesbasedon Healing Tastes, Herbal Therapies and Dietary Protocols. The knowledge containedinthis book is invaluable for supporting oneself and others on the journey to wholeness. The educational foundation of the book prepares us to really understand the meaning and use of tongue diagnosis. The ancient art of tongue diagnosis, as this book defines it, is "the science of the shape,shadings and markings of the tongue, which describe the current state of an individual`s health, as well as their inherited constitution." The potential of tongue diagnosis is that it gives anon-invasive way to measure the tissue integrity of the body, especially the Agni of the digestive system or the Fire or strength of the digestive system. This can be assessed by simply observing the color and structure of the tongue, then we have a very simple way to take preventive steps to correct those imbalances, and we have a very simple feedback system, meaning the tongue`s color, size, shape and shading, to let us know how successful our approach has been.

Author: Walter 'Shantree' Kacera
Language: English
Format:Paper Back

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Ayurvedic Tongue Diagnosis

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