• Instant Handwriting Analysis - A Key To Personal Success

Handwriting patterns signal elements of your-
unconscious persona *your hidden desires *fears *weaknesses *strengths *attitudes and more!
This book covers some of the most important and basic factors of handwriting analysis for the explorer of Graphology- a scientific analytical study of handwriting.
With the help of this hand-book you could learn all about a person what all was previously unknown to you(or even himself),in just 30 minutes or less. You can analyze your own handwriting and that of friends and family, with this easy-to-use book.
After reading just a few chapters you will know how the...
slant, stroke, word spacing, margins, size and preserve, letter formalities and signature, etc. reveal your personality.
You can even learn to change certain aspects of yourself by changing the way you write! Compare your writing with the sampler in this book - It is that simple! 
here is even a chapter on doodles. This book is an exciting and useful key to help in unlocking the potential within you.

Author: Ruth Gardner
Language: English
Format: Paper Back

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Instant Handwriting Analysis - A Key To Personal Success

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