• Astronomical Dating Of The Mahabharata War

A brilliant attempt to Scientifically investigate into the exact Date when the Great Mahabharata War began. Hailed as 'a Significant contribution to our Know-ledge'- it is the Authors Thesis for his Doctorate in Sanskrit (Ph.D.) in The Andhra University Waltair.
Using the latest Scientlfic techniques including Radio-Carbon Dating and Astronomical Dating the book unravels the Mystic Passages in the Sanskrit Epic of Mahabharata and arrives at the exact dating when the War had commenced!Containing a valuable Review of all the Research Material so far, on the subject, the book also contains the History of the Tradition of the Hindu 'Panchanga' (Calender) from the Vedic Age till Aryabhatta; it includes also a Survey of the 'Puranic Chronology of the Kings of Kaliyuga' 'The Cycle of Sapta Rishies' and also a Scientific Survey of Geology, Zoology, Paleontology Climatology etc. about the gigantic Shift in the Earth's Axis and the rise of the Himalayas falt of the seas, and even the global Cataclysm which altered the Calenders of the World, from Egypt to India.Hailed as ' a Literary Volcano' this book throws up multi-disciplinary Rescarch on the Date of Kaliyuga-Beginning which shakes up the existing Chronology of India. It also contains a rare Copper Plate Grant of King Janamajaya, the grandson of Yudhishtira granted at the time of the 'Snake Sacrifice' (Sarpa Yaga); Dr. Vedavyas research work is 'bound to be a best setter' H.H. Dalai Lama's Foreword is an added attraction!A Masterly Research that makes Chronology a Science-and not a literary surmise!
 About the Author
Dr. Vedavyas comes froma family of tradiational Vedic scholars for seven generations. He recieved early Initiation into Sanskrit and holds a Master Degree in Zoology with specialization in Marine biology. He was the Professor in Zoology in the Loyola College unitl he was selcted into the prestigious "Indian Administrative Service" (IAS) by All India competition in 1959. Working as a Senior Govt. Officical for 27-years he worked on this book as a Thesis for his Ph.D., in Sanskrit.
He was on a Lecturer Tour of U.S.A. in 1985 speaking at The United Nations also at Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles besides major universities in U.S.A. in the "Lost Verses of Bhagawad Gita" which he discovered besides the rare find of the "Copper Plate Grant of King Janamejaya" of Mahabharata times dating to 3065 B.C.
Science of Measurment of Time Vedic Origins
Vedic Calender-Key to Vedic Chronology and Cosmology
Mahabharata War in India 's History
Approach to Dating the Mahabharata War Review of the Bxisting Literature
The Time of Mahabharata War
Mahabharata Chronology-Calender of the Main Events
Astronomical References to the War Internal Evidence of the Epic
Cali Yuga-A Fictious Forgery
Hindu Astronomy-Original or Borrowed?
Beginning of Kali Yuga-Astronomical Obeservations
Kings of the Kali Age-Chronology of the Puranas
History of India: The Puranas
Chronology of the Yugas: Cycle of the Sapta Rishies
Sapta Rishi Cycle and the Chronology of Puranas
Data of Mahabharata War: Corroboration from Sanskrit Literature
Confirmation from History-Evidence of Inscriptions
Impact of Scientific Research on Chronology in Retrospect and Prospect

Author: Veda Vyas, E.
Language: English
Format: Paper Back

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Astronomical Dating Of The Mahabharata War

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