• Facial Reflexology

This book aims to introduce the new discipline of facial reflexology by explaining its techniques and tracing its beginnings. It is presented as a compendium based on authors practical and experienced theories and the research and studies carried out since 1978. This book is a definite work by a renowned master in the new therapy. Around 2000 students trained by her will vouchsafe for the effectiveness of the therapy. It is hoped that the Masters students will carry on the great task of healing and at the same time devise improvements in order to enhance the quality of the therapy. The results obtained with facial reflexology are of organic, physical, chemical and neurological nature. Facial Reflexology has also proved to be very effective in the rehabilitation of patients with brain injuries and neurological problems. This third edition comes with an additional chapter containing case records for the cases treated with facial reflexology, varying from headaches to diseases as complex as cerebral palsy, with miraculous cures.

Loren Sorensen is a trained reflexologist. She has been a keyperson in establishing the first three reflexology schools and has trained over two thousand students over a period of twelve years.

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Facial Reflexology

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