Set of 18 Ayur herbs used in Homa (Havan) namely: Palash Dry Flowers, Dasang Chips, Agar, Bhimshen Capoor,  Dhoop Khada, Tagar, Nagkesar, Dhoop Powder, Jatamasi, Sandal Chips, Benzoin, Batriso Dhoop, Khus Wala, Gugal Dhoop, Lotus Seeds, Sandal Chips Powder, Frank Incense and Red Powder.

These Havan Ayur herbs products used in all kind of poojas and homas.

Total weight: 170 gms.

Havan is a sacred fire ritual done in the Vedic Hindu tradition. Havan is a technique given by the Rishis and other Enlightened Masters to create a specific desired effect in our lives. The way in which the desired effect is made and the strength of the effect makes Havan a unique component of Vedic tradition.

In a typical Homa, a priest invokes the presence of the Deity in the fire through specialized mantras. Since mantras are revealed by Enlightened sages, all mantras carry immense power within them. Once energized, till the end of the homa, the fire itself becomes a deity. Then several oblations (ahutis) are offered into the fire using Havan Samagri, & Havan Herbs at the end of every mantra. The smoke that emanates from the fire receptacle – homa kunda – energizes the whole space where the homa is done and creates a positive effect in that place.

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Havan Ayur Herbs

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