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Goddess Kamala is closely identified with the Tantric form of Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth. Kamala is the goddess of creation and consciousness. This strikingly
beautiful goddess with golden skin and is shown either seated or standing on a fully bloomed lotus, flanked by elephants on each side.Kamala's greatest power is the destruction of poverty, both material and spiritual, and the bestower of wellbeing, prosperity and fertility. In fact, both Lakshmi and Kamala are the same goddess, though the latter is more esoteric in nature.

Goddess Kamala is the power who creates happiness and abundance all around. Kamala also blesses families with children, hence those experiencing difficulty conceiving would do well to offer worship to this powerful Tantric Goddess. Those who already have children also pray to Kamala for the well-being of their offspring.
Devi Kamala is the spirit of nature and is manifest in the natural world. Hence, we can worship her by spending time in nature, appreciating its profound beauty and also trying our level best to protect the Earth's natural resources and the natural habitat. By doing thus, we can move on the path of spiritual progress, of becoming a sadhaka of the Divine Mother Goddess, Kamala. One can also worship Kamala to help manifest their own creative vision, eliminate poverty, stabilize the home environment and open up one's heart to spiritual practice of the deity. 

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Dus Mahavidya Goddess Kamala Photo

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