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Matangi is the Tantric form of Saraswati (the She Who Flows Continuously). While Saraswati's energies are directed towards learning, academics, language, and the arts,
Matangi's energies are focused inward, on acquiring deeper wisdom. Matangi is the hence the patron of inner thought and speech. She guides her devotee to Aum, the primordial sound. Considered the daughter of Rishi Matanga, she is worshipped as Goddess Meenakshi at the temple at Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

Matangi is actually an aspect of Sati. Appearing just after Bhagalamukhi, Matangi is closely associated with the Poornima, the full moon - the 'night of intoxication'. She is believed to grant control over all forms of speech, including poetry and music. She is associated with the throat chakra. She is also associated with vast and expansive knowledge and therefore, with Saraswati as well.

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Dus Mahavidya Goddess Matangi Photo

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