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Kali is regarded as one of the fiercest deities in Hinduism. The word Kali arises from the Sanskrit word "Kaal", which means time. This is also why Goddess Kali is sometimes referred as the Goddess of Death. In actuality, though, Kali is the slayer of the ego in a person.A study of the Goddess reveals that she only killed evil demons, who caused much turbulence in the world. Kali is not in any way associated with Yama, the Hindu God of Death. Interestingly, Goddess Kali is also considered mother by her devotees - and is one of the few Goddesses who are celibate, who renounced the whole world.

Goddess Kali is depicted placing one foot on Lord Shiva, who is pure formless awareness Sat-Chit-Ananda. Here, Kali represents "form" eternally supported by pure awareness.

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Dus Mahavidya Goddess Kali Photo

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