• Dus Mahavidyas - The Ten Forms of Devi

The Dus Mahavidyas or the Ten Goddesses are actually ten aspects of the Devi or the Divine Mother in Hinduism. These are Goddesses of Wisdom and represent an entire spectrum of divinity, right from horrific goddesses, to the most beautiful and peaceful deities. 

The Mahvidyas, as a group, represents a vital turning point in the history of Shaktism, as it marks the rise of Bhakti in Shaktism.

In Shaktism, the Divine Mother is jointly worshipped as a combination of ten different cosmic personalities. She is seen as the One Truth in ten different facets - the Dus 

The Ten Goddesses:
1. Kali: This "Devourer of Time" is worshipped as the very essence of the Brahman or the Supreme Self. Kali is regarded as the Supreme Deity of Kalikula systems 
2. Tara: The Goddess who Saves, Guides and Protects. She offers the ultimate knowledge necessary for salvation. This Mahavidya is also known as Neel Saraswati
3. Lalita Tripura-Sundari: The Goddess, also known as Shodashi, is the One Who is the Most Beautiful in the Three Worlds. She is the Supreme Deity of the Srikula 
systems. She is also the "Tantric Parvati" or the "Moksha Mukuta".
4. Bhuvaneshwari: This Goddess is the Mother or Janani of the whole world - Her entire Body is the Cosmos 
5. Bhairavi: The Fierce Warrior Goddess 
6. Chhinnamasta: The Self-Decapitated Goddess, who holds her own neck in her hands
7. Dhumavati: The Widow Goddess or the Goddess of death. 
8. Bagalamukhi: The Goddess Who Paralyzes Enemies 
9. Matangi: The "Tantric Saraswati", also the Prime Minister of Lalita 
10.Kamala: The "Tantric Lakshmi", also the Goddess on the Lotus

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Dus Mahavidyas - The Ten Forms of Devi

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