• Bhumi yantra - 3x3 inches

Bhumi yantra helps in securing higher position and achieving job stability and attracting abundance. 

Bhumi yantra is used in homes, temples and property to protect property against any negativity and spells.

Bhumi Devi is the divine wife of Varaha, an Avatar of Vishnu. She is the representative goddess, Mother Earth. According to Hindu mythology, the divine saint Andal is a form of her. The demon Narakasura is her son.She is the mother of Sita. According to the uttara-kanda, when Sita finally leaves her husband Rama, she returns to Bhumidevi. Bhumi Devi is also believed to be one of the two forms of Lakshmi. The other is Sridevi, who remains with Narayana. Bhudevi is the Goddess of Earth, and the fertility form of Lakshmi. She is Daughter of Kashyap Prajapati and known as kasyapi.She is Satyabhama, wife of Sri Krishna in Dwapara Yuga. Several female deities have had births similar to Sita. Alamelu Mangamma or Sri Padmavathi Devi of Tiruchanur had a similar beginning, being found in a ploughed field by Akasa Raja. 

Size: 3 inches x 3 inches
Mantra: Om Dhimahi MeshRudraSwaRoopam
Placement: East direction of your house or in puja altar. 

The yantra would be “Blessed and Energised” before despatch.

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Bhumi yantra - 3x3 inches

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