For centuries, Jyotish Shastra has been a predictive science deeply rooted and revered in India. Indian astrologers are also regarded as the pioneers of Jyotish Shastra and Indian Vedic Astrology is practiced across the globe, spreading solace, and harmony to millions. Indian astrologers are recognized worldwide for their intellectual expanse and wisdom. Every astrologist is unique and has his or her own approach. This is what defines their mode and manner of consultancy.

What is a Kundli?

The primary tool for studying and making future predictions is the kundli or the horoscope, which helps the astrologist to make calculations and deductions.

A kundli is a birth chart drawn up by the astrologer. It is a set of numbers plotted on a pre-defined outline (shown alongside). Based on the date, time and place of birth - an astrologer can accurately fill up the chart as per the recorded positions of the stars and planets for that birth time and place. An astrologist uses a kundli to trace an individual's chronological journey and gain insights into the person's future. Indian Vedic Astrology is an ancient predictive science that uses basic principles of Mathematics, Science and Astronomy to ascertain the movements of stars and planets and their corresponding effect on individuals.

The calculations are based on the movements of the planets, their transition, and the corresponding psychological and environmental effects on the individual.

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Duration: It will take 2 working days to understand, analyse and give you detail readings & firm solutions.

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Astrology Horoscope Chart With Readings

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