• Mantra Yoga Samhita

Mantra Yoga is one of the four kinds of yogas - others being Hatha, Laya and Raja Yoga. The Mantra Yoga Samhita, which is being presented here for the first time in English, is the only systematic work in which this Yoga has been described in detail and step-by-step with such clarity and insght that any sadhaka can immensely benefit from it in beginning and continue his sadhana to its fruition.

Each step has been described with all the connected rituals and the most important part of the work is Mantra Astrology which is quite a closely guarded secret of the system. This part would enable a sadhaka to determine the time, place, day and date for beginning his sadhana, and also determine the Mantra and the Deity suitable to his disposition. 

Some highlights of the book

a) Kulakula Chakra

b) Rasi Chakra

c) Nakstra Chakra

d) Akadama Chakra

e) Rni-Dhani Chakra 

Author: Dr. RamKumar Rai

Language: English

Format: Hard bound Book

No of Pages: 143 

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Mantra Yoga Samhita

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