• Laddu Gopal In Golden Peepal Leaf With Acrylic Frame

Laddu Gopal or Bal Gopal is the childhood form of Lord Krishna. It is on a gold plated peepal leaf. Out of 100 leaves,one leaf comes out intact which is then treated and coated with 24 carat gold plating to keep the leaf veins matrix intact. 

As baby Krishna learnt to trot around the house, his attention was always fixed on the butter urns that were stashed away in corners of all homes in Gokul. He would trot, fall and again strut to the pot containing butter and relish it. As he grew up a little, he would steal milk, curd and butter from the homes of the Gopis and share them with his friends and monkeys. Soon, almost the entire village was complaining about him to Yashoda.

Dimensions: 5 inches (H) X 4.75 inches (L) X 2.4 (W)
Weight: 177 grams

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Laddu Gopal In Golden Peepal Leaf With Acrylic Frame

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