• Vishnu Paduka

Paduka also means foot prints of Hindu gods such as Vishnu,Shiva and several saints and masters that are worshipped in this symbolic form in houses and also in temples built for this purpose. One such temple is the Gaya temple dedicated to Vishnupada or Vishnu's feet.Similarly,Buddha's foot prints are worshipped under the Bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya.

Paduka is a compound word made up of two words namely,"pada" and "ka".In Sanskrit language,'Pada' means:"foot" and '˜ka' is a diminutive ending with literal meaning of"small".

Design: Made in thick shining brass.It has auspicious symbols of Lotus, Fish and flowers.
Dimensions: 2.5  inches (L) x  1.2 inches (W)
Weight: 20 grams

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Vishnu Paduka

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