• Mauli Kalava Sacred Thread

Mauli, Kalava or Raksha is the sacred thread helps preserve or imbibe those blessings when it is tied around one's wrist during the ceremony. Mauli protects the wearer from negative energy. Raksha is also offered to deities during worship as Vastra (cloth offering).Kalava consist two colours ie. red & yellow separetaly in various parts of mauli. Yellow colours represents the spritual energy, while red has the properties to stimulate the spiritual energy. 

The thread can also be called a raksha or rakhi, and is put on the brother by the sister to show the sister's familial love. The knots in the thread are said to hold the love of the sister when she tied the knot. Thus, the brother wears the rakhi as a sign of his sister's love and wishes for protection. In other arrangements, the knots tied in the rakhi as the red strings are given to guests or tied around their wrists before a special ceremony or reception is also considered to hold the goodwill of those who offer it.

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Mauli Kalava Sacred Thread

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