• Janeu The Sacred Thread

Janeu the sacred thread. It represent purity in thought, word and deed expected from the wearer.

The sacred Yajnopavītam is known by many names (varying by region and community), such as Avyanga,Yonya, Bratabandha, Janivaara, Jandhyam, Poita, Janeu, Lagun, Yajnopavita, Yagyopavit.

Made of 100% pure fine cotton. The Janayu is a regimental part of the upbringing of traditional Hindus and forms an important part of vedic culture

Ancient texts refer to the wearing of the Yajnopavitam in three forms:

  1. Upavitam, where the Yajnopavitam is worn over the left shoulder and under the right arm. This is for Gods. Upavītam is also called savya.
  2. Nivitam', where the Yajnopavitam is worn around the neck and over the chest. Nivīta form is to be used during Rishi Tharpana, sexual intercourse, answering the calls of nature, etc., and during ancestor worship/funeral rites (Shadvimsha Brahmana, Latyayana.
  3. Prachinavitam is where the Yajnopavitam is worn above the right shoulder and under the left arm. This is for Spirits and is used by men when performing the death ceremonies of an elder. Prachīnavītam is also called apsavya (Katyayana Shrauta Sutra, Manusmriti.

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Janeu The Sacred Thread

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