Pearl is for Planet Moon. It reduces tensions, creates mental balance, peace of mind, tranquillity and calmness and enhances power of love and understanding. The wearer of Pearl is blessed with marital bliss and good relationships. Pearl is used to enhance the effects of the moon. 

It gives only beneficial results to the wearer and pacifies malefic effects of Moon and enhances the positive effects. It may be worn by those who have Moon malefic in their chart as well as by those who have Moon benefic. A person who wishes to have emotional stability, mental peace and harmonious relationships may use this gemstone. 
Quality: Flawless
Color: Moon White
Shape: Round
Lusture: Excellent
Price per carat: Rs 1000 / Rs 700

Wear on Little finger for best results. Alternatively wear this as a Pendant.

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South Sea Pearl - 12 Carats

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