• Sri Ramraksha Stotra

Sri Ramraksha Stotra results in establishing impenetrable, amazing and powerful armour around yourself. Ram Raksha means 'Protection given by Lord Rama (to us)'.

The exceptional origins of the Sri Ramraksha Stotra is that Lord Shiva rendered the entire 38 stanzas within the dream of Shri Budha Kaushika Rishi who wrote down the entire stotra at the dawn thereafter. Since then, the Sri Ramraksha Stotra has become established within common devotees and become stronger and stronger. Today, the Sri Ramraksha Stotra has gone deep into the hearts of the devotees.

Benefits of Ram Raksha stora as defined in Stotras (35-37):
1. Who is destroyer all dangers and consecrator of all sorts of wealth.
2. Destructs of the cause of rebirth (cause of liberation), generates happiness and wealth. Scares Yama's (lord of death) messengers, the roar of the name of Rama 
3. I worship Rama whose jewel (among kings) who always wins and who is lord of Lakshmi (goddess of wealth). Through whom the hordes of demons who move at night have been destroyed.

It is ultimate mantra for protection from known and unknown things. It is the purpose of the Sri Ramraksha Stotra to entreat Rama, as the deity, to protect one's own body, in all its aspects and for all organs, and for all time. This is the reason why devotees entrust themselves to Rama in seeking His blessings by reciting the stotra. The devotee makes it amply understood that He is seeking Rama's protection and thereby entering His sanctuary in an absoluteness of determination.

The other significant aspect of Shri Ramraksha Stotra is that one gets to witness several aspects of Rama's life, from his birth in the Raghu dynasty, through to his victory over Ravana and thereafter. The stanzas seem to travel through the instances of his life, almost in chronological sequence, and drowns the devotee in bliss. 

Pooja service includes: Kalash Sthapana, Invocation of major deities, combined worship of Ram-Sita, recitation of Ram Raksha stotra, chants of Ram Mahamantra: "Shri Rama Rama Rameti, Rame Rame Manorame; Sahasrenama tattulyam, Rama Nama Varanane", yantra poojan, Havan and Aarti.
The Ram Mahamantra is extremely powerful. One chant of Ram Mahamantra is equal to 1000 chants of "Ram".

PoojaShopOnline.Com priests will perform recitations as per vedic rituals based on birth details. The Pooja prasad, energised Rudraksha and photos will be sent to you through courier. Please mention your birth details (name, date, time, place) at checkout. This is a individual pooja (you may do pooja on individual name or include your near and dear ones in the pooja). You will be provided with the contact no. of the priest, to call during the sankalpa/pooja.

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Sri Ramraksha Stotra

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