The golden color is widely used in pooja, rituals and ceremonies as it represents richness. These rich chunris add shine to idols and the altar.
Chunri is an integral part of festivities. It is draped on head and shoulders like a scarf by women during religious functions, ceremonies and prayer rituals.  It is draped around deity Idols and altars and thus made from auspicious colors. Often a chunri is used in altar as a seat for Idols and yantras and for adding color and festivity to the prayer room. 

Design: Made of soft cloth with golden print and golden border.
Colours available:- Red, Green, Magenta, Yellow, Orange, Blue
(Please specify the color, when you checkout).

Offering the Chunri to Devi or Goddess or any deity is a age old tradition which signifies respect towards the deities. Chunri is also laid down before installing a deity idol. The Chunri is laid on a pedestal and then the deity idol is installed on top of it.  Covering the top part of the Goddess statue and photo is also a widely practiced tradition.


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Golden Print Chunri

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