Lord Vishnu is part of the Trimurti (trinity of Gods), Lord Vishnu is the maintainer or preserver. The Rigveda says: Vishnu can travel in three strides. The first stride is the Earth. The second stride is the visible sky. The third stride cannot be seen by men and is the heaven where the gods and the righteous dead live.

Sheshanaga is also considered a dasa (servant) as well as also a manifestation, or avatar, of Lord Maha Vishnu himself. Ananta Sheshanaga is said to have descended to Earth in four human forms or avatars: Lakshmana, brother of Lord Sri Rama, Balarama, brother of Lord Sri Krishna, Ramanuja and Manavala Mamunigal. Maharsi Patanjali the major compiler of yogic traditions is also considered to be an incarnation of the great Shesha.

Every moment of life is related to the duties and responsibilities. The most important of all of them include duties towards family, social and economic responsibility. However, to fulfill these duties one has to take a lot of efforts and go through many problems, which are very scary like Kalrupi Sheshnag and create anxiety. The quiet face of Lord Vishnu on the other hand inspires us to keep calm and be patient in these tough times. With a quiet attitude towards problems one can achieve success. 

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Lord Vishnu On Sheshnaag Photo

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