• Biorhythms Of Natal Moon (Mysteries Of Pancha Pakshi)

"Biorhythms of Natal Moon" otherwise called The Pancha Pakshi Sashtra is far more advantageous golden key in the hand of man for use in any walk of life than the else where published Biorhythm theories reckoning time in days only, too common for all humans. The "Pancha Pakshi" stimulates five time gaps, stronger in vibration strength in succession spread over for 2 hours 24 minutes each electing day and 5 time gaps during day, which are differential from man to man based on his birth Moon. The strengthened vibrational time gap makes the native succeed in all his undertakings comparatively on other time gaps at much lower ebb. A system propounded by ancient Tamil Sidha Saints now presented in English for the first time by the esteemed author based on natural laws of five elements (Panch Mahabhutas) combined with ASTRO STELLAR force of each individual. This is successfully applicable to Natal, Horary, Electional, Medical Astrology etc. This can be used to understand the life of women, through her first puberty and of the man through vibration power of the time gap at birth time. The system can be applied unfailingly in love, sex, and husband wife relations. This is a boon for man, in English language. The book contains 100 abstract tables of 2500 time gaps. In addition, 60 more tables are given in reference to various needs of life with copious notes and explanations. This can be of special use in Natal Astrology.


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Biorhythms Of Natal Moon (Mysteries Of Pancha Pakshi)

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