• Belpatra leaves For Lord Shiva In German Silver

Blepatra leaves is also known as Bilva leaf. Among leaves lord shiva is offered mostly this leaf to make him happy. Lord Shiva favourite leaves name is Belpatra and Fruits name is Bel fruits grown in same plant or tree.Belapatra Leaves also meaning as Lord Brahma,vishnu,mahesh as well as it is three eyes of lord shiva(trinetra of siva).

Among many story about bel leaves one of the story is ‘Hunter in jungles’ story which is mention in different hindu religious scripts.Once upon a time there was hunter in jungle who was resting in beltrees with tiredness when he didnot get any animals in jungle.He was picking up bel leaves and throwing just below the trees.When he threw leaves everytimes in ground he got more power,hope,happyness in life ,power,confident within a Second.There was shivalinga just below the tress and that leaves is offered to lord shiva every time when he throw leaves from trees.Lord shiva appeared from there and he got different boon.He is able to get to salvation from all unhappyness of world when he got lord shiva to see.He attains shiva loka.Hence,Belpatra is only favourite leaves of lord shiva.

Design: Made of german silver with intricate design.

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Belpatra leaves For Lord Shiva In German Silver

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