• Taoist Yoga For Better Sex Life

The Tao is a Chinese expression that literally means the wayÂ'”or in other words the source of all created beings, living and non-living.

And in Taoist yoga the way is shown to attain heightened physical, mental and sexual energy through Internal Alchemy- which means gathering the energies from the five major internal organs-- heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and spleen-harmonizing it and changing from the negative to positive.

The content is divided into 14-week practice sessions,with each week offering well-defined and explained exercies and promising specific results.

Testicle and Ovarian breathing
Hair breathing; Stilling the mind
Breathing into the waist
Turning the Yin-Yang Water Wheel
Connecting the senses and the orgaans
Sexual energy massage for men and women
Activating the internal fires

Author: Eric Steven Yudelove
Language: English
Format: Paper Back

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Taoist Yoga For Better Sex Life

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