Lord Ganesha is widely revered as the remover of obstacles and more generally as the Lord of beginnings and the Lord of obstacles, patron of arts and sciences, and the deva of intellect and wisdom. He is honoured at the beginning of rituals and ceremonies.
An idol of Ganapati with the trunk curved towards the right is called dakshinmurti or dakshi­nabhimukhi murti (the idol facing the south). Dakshin means the southern direction or the right side. The southern direction leads to the region of Lord Yama (Yamalok), the deity of death while the right side belongs to the Surya nadi (Sun channel). One who is able to face the direction of the region of Yama is powerful. So also, one with an activated Surya nadi is also radiant. Thus in both senses, the Ganapati idol with the trunk curved towards the right is said to be '˜active (jagrut)'.
While most Ganesha idols have left-turning trunks, the Siddhivinayak idol, with its right-facing trunk is rare and therefore, special. Such idols require rigorously implemented rules of worship. This arises from the Hindu school of thought in which invisible 'channels' of energy govern our well-being. While the left side of our bodies symbolizes the moon, femininity, coolness and relaxation, the channel on our right side corresponds with the sun, masculinity, aggression and energy. A Ganesha with a right-facing trunk is extraordinarily powerful, to be worshipped with care and restraint, in much the same way that one would handle fire!
Serpentine gemstone in Hindi is called Zehar Mohra. Serpentine is light green in colour. In prehistoric times, it was used to make utensils. Food was prepared and eaten in those utensils. The toxicant food inside these pots used to change the colour of the vessels to yellow. It destroys the effect of the poison. Greeks still use this in their Ayurvedic medicines. A serpentine wearer can never fall prey to diseases related to stomach.

In this beautiful and colorful idol, Ganesha is depicted seating on His vehicle mouse and eating modak (sweet).
Dimensions: 1.5 inches (W) x 4.75 inches (H) x 2.75 inches (L)
Weight: 370 grams

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Right-Sided Trunk Lucky Ganesha

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