• Parad Shree Yantra - 51 gms

Sri Yantra Sacred Geometry - is considered to clear negative energies - the fog that surrounds our life - standing in our way of Peace , Prosperity and Harmony and make everything work for us with a Geometric precision. It can also be placed in study room of children if the child lacks concentration or he is dull in studies.

The Sri Yantra is the object of devotion in Sri Vidya. The term 'Shri' is used to denote the reverence to be given to this holy Yantra. The prefix 'Shri' denotes that the Yantra is auspicious, beneficent, salutary, benign and conducive to prosperity. It is an instrument which bestows wealth. Here, wealth means both spiritual and material.

Parad shree yantra is capable of giving instant Luck, wealth, position, name and fame. 

Dimension: 1 inch (L) X 1 inch (B) 1.1 inches (H)
Weight: 51 gms

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Parad Shree Yantra - 51 gms

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