• Koorma Shree Yantra

Koorma Shree Yantra as it has been placed upon a kurma or tortoise pedestal bring peace, happiness,prosperity and over all success in life.
The kurma or tortoise breathes in,and moves freely between,the spheres of earth (financial aspects) and water (emotions) representing their harmonious integration,upon which the spiritual life,represented by the Sri Yantra can stand securely.

The Sri Yantra is regarded as the Supreme Yantra. Any Yantra ever designed is but a part or fraction of the Sri Yantra;it both includes and transcends all Yantras ever made,and no Yantra existing can not be found in the Sri Yantra.The benefits of all Yantras are therefore to be found individually and collectively in the Sri Yantra.The Sri Yantra confers luck,prosperity and fame.

The Sri Yantra, also known as the Yantra of the cosmos,is a highly eye-catching and one of the most dynamic of all Yantras.The Sri Yantra should always face the west,placed in the east.

Dimensions: 1.4 inches (H) x 2.4 inches (W) x 4.3 inches (L)
Diameter of the yantra: 1.9 inches
Weight: 100 grams

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Koorma Shree Yantra

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